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Covenant Student Use Skills for the 21st Century

By ANNALISE KITCHEN Covenant’s Upper School students have an opportunity to take a typing course to learn how type papers, use PowerPoint, and other beneficial formats to prepare them for life.  Abi Black, the Upper School rhetoric teacher, teaches the typing course this year at Covenant and already sees improvement in the students. “It has… … Keep Reading

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Middle School volleyball suffers loss to Calvary

By GRIFFIN SPAULDING The Middle School Girls Volleyball team suffered a loss to Calvary on Tuesday in a close match. With Covenant winning one match, Calvary took the win by two games. Morgan Smith, a seventh-grader on the team, said that although they lost, she believed their team played well. Smith’s teammate Arabella Kitchen agreed.… … Keep Reading

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Narrative grading the new normal for Lower School students

By GRACE SHAFFER “Is this for a grade?” This is a common question among students in schools across the country.   Covenant School has changed the way they grade in the Lower School.  Rather than number grades, they are using a more classical way referred to as narrative grading.  Narrative grading is one of the many… … Keep Reading

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Is Sampling in Music Fading Away? A History and Hypothesis

BY IAN SPENCE The worlds most sampled song is a little known B side soul track from soul group The Winstons called Amen, Brother. According to, the most popular and accountable site for sampling info and history, Amen, Brother has been sampled almost 4000 times, and The Winstons have earned 0.00 from it. This… … Keep Reading

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