Never Forget: Covenant students thank first responders

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Not all firefighters fight fires, but they are also heroes in many situations.  

On 9/11 of this year, House Augustine visited the Huntington fire department to deliver a basket of snacks to thank the firefighters for their service.  The Head of house, Elizabeth Kelly, and the service coordinator, Emma Yeager, organized their house to honor these men and women for the great acts of heroism they perform in their daily lives.   

Talking about the trip Mr. Bryant said, “It was to honor those who serve and put their lives on the line.”

The root of Patriot week, as Covenant School calls it, is showing gratitude to the first responders who risk their lives daily to save others.  9/11, for the people who remember it, was a day like no other. The terrorist attack sent a shockwave of sadness over the nation and everybody mourned together.  Numerous first responders gave their lives that day to save so many more people. Without them, the casualties would have been much higher and the destruction so much worse. 

The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon made our gratitude for our first responders vastly greater and we still carry on that gratefulness for our first responders every year on the anniversary of 9/11.  Even the people who were not born when the attack happened still show appreciation, respect, or going out of their way to deliver snacks for people like firefighters or Police officers.  

“It was a great way for our house to experience community service and honor people,” Yeager said.