The Jonas Brothers make a comeback

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The Jonas Brothers have made their official comeback six years after their breakup. Ella Bumgardner, Covenant 9th grader, attended their Happiness Begins tour last week.

On September 5 in Columbus, Ohio, The Jonas Brothers performed their sold-out reunion tour show to their old and new fans.

Covenant alum Eden Bumgardner had a few select words to say about her experience,” It was so cool to see them all grown up and how much the whole aspect of the Jonas Brothers has changed throughout the years.”

From the same group, Sarah Kinder, a freshman at Cabell Midland High School offered her take on the concert “The concert was one of my best memories ever, even though I lost my voice from singing, it’s something I’ll never forget.”

Current Covenant ninth-grader, Ella Bumgardner, wanted to share how the whole experience impacted her. “Thinking back to the concert makes me sad because I had the best time ever and I wish it wouldn’t have ended.”

The Jonas Brothers were focused on family, bringing each other, and their fans together to create a place where happiness begins. The brothers have a whole new meaning with all the changes of them growing up, getting married, and having kids. After their breakup in 2013, the reunion brought back memories and the excitement of performing together.

Now that the Jonas Brothers have made their come back, they’ve created a whole new multigenerational atmosphere. Along with the trials, in the end, the breakup did help them reach a broader audience and expand their fanbase for more memories to come.