Covenant Takes Home Wins For Tennis And Sets Up For The Volleyball Net

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This weeks article centers on our middle school tennis teams. Olivia, who is on the middle school girls tennis team said: “I played well and had lots of fun.” Olivia won the game 8 to 2 which is a great victory for one her first games as Covenant tennis player. Ethan Kelly from the boy’s tennis middle school team said that “I played well for my first year of tennis and I had lots of fun.” also saying “Even though I didn’t get that many points I still had lots of fun.” Many are excited to see a new sport come to Covenant and are excited for the future of Covenant sports. Both Ethan and Olivia spoke of how much they enjoyed playing for Covenant

There will be a Covenant middle school volleyball game Monday at home against Calvary. Hope Lucas, a middle school volleyball player, said “I am really excited for the game and I think we have made a lot of progress on how we have played as a team since the season started.”