House System Unites The Upper School

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By: ANNALISE KITCHEN September 20, 2019 

The new house systems: Lewis, Tyndale, Tertulian, and Augustine are bringing together Covenant School’s upper school. This year is the first year Covenant has implemented the House System. Each student is placed in a house specifically chosen for them by Covenants facility members. Placing old faces with new faces and everyone getting to know someone in someway. 

 “This being the first year of the new House System has definitely changed the secondary. I, being a Senior at Covenant, can already see a change. I’ve seen younger kids come out of their shell because they feel apart of something, I’ve seen older kids helping younger kids get papers together, and I’ve seen new kids feeling welcomed to Covenant feeling like they have been here for the longest time.” says Annalise Kitchen 

Covenant School Senior. 

Abbie Wayne, Covenant Senior, says “ I can not wait to see where this new house system will take us. What I can say for sure is that I love spending time with people I normally wouldn’t be able to be around.” 

As you can see the House System has given and will give Covenant’s secondary a new family and memories they will cherish for years to come.