New Lunch Program Brings New Face To Covenant

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Melany Butcher is not only known as “Nana” to her grandkids, but to the rest of the students at Covenant School too. On Thursday she lit up as she took her usual spot behind the lunch counter where she loves to serve all of the children and be able to interact with them.

“I love to see the looks on kids’ faces as they walk through the line,” Butcher said proudly., “especially the younger kids when they say, ‘Mmm, this looks delicious, thank you, Nana!’” 

Prior to this volunteer position, Nana was a teacher for, as she said,  “29.6 years and 2 days.”  While teaching was her passion, after her husband’s passing she decided to retire and help at Covenant.  

“I love Nana so much! She is like family to me and I always love seeing her smile and getting a huge hug,” said Abbie Wayne, senior at Covenant.

The most significant thing that has happened in her life is when she dedicated herself to the Lord. A close second was the birth of her kids and grandkids. 

“She makes everyone feel so loved,” said Hope Lucas, eighth grader at Covenant. Everywhere Nana goes, she makes children of all ages feel welcomed and happy!

When her husband passed away, everyone at Covenant made her feel so loved and cared for, Butcher said. She felt our prayers during such a rough time and felt so thankful for every family in this wonderful school.  She loves Covenant and believes in it 100 percent.