Narrative grading the new normal for Lower School students

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“Is this for a grade?” This is a common question among students in schools across the country.  

Covenant School has changed the way they grade in the Lower School.  Rather than number grades, they are using a more classical way referred to as narrative grading.  Narrative grading is one of the many steps Covenant School is taking this year to attain a more classical education for its students.  

“We want students to truly love to learn, not to just love an ‘A’,” says Rebekah Shaffer, the lower school principal and Kindergarten teacher.  

Narrative grading is a way to give students a desire to learn and change the priority of the students.  This generation has learned to retain only the knowledge they need to get a high grade. They do not dive deep with desire into the material they are being taught.  

With narrative grading, students don’t constantly ask how many points something is worth. They receive feedback from teachers and improve their learning. The teachers can point out the strength of the students.  Narrative grading is a tool many classical schools use to plant the desire of knowledge into their students. 

With this improvement, the students of Kindergarten will be wanting knowledge for the rest of their school lives.  Changes in the students have already been happening. 

Mrs. Jimison, the third-grade teacher at Covenant, says she can see more of a desire to learn. These coming classes of students will stand out in the world of education today with their genuine desire to learn.  

“Our goal is for students to really enjoy learning,” Jimison said.