Fairy Week Comes Around Again, but What is it?

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            If you were to wander around the grade-school classrooms, the perceptive would notice small, ornamental doors straight out of lord of the rings taped to the wall. This is not a surreal prank, it is evidence of a yearly tradition that the youngest at covenant have come to as know as “Fairy Week”. Started by Mrs. Shaffer 4 years ago and has continued each year. It is a small celebration of nature, masqueraded as a magical week of fairy visits. The kindergartners each construct a “fairy garden” to bring them into the room. They leave little gifts, and evidence behind. Some find candy, and pixie dust is scattered across the room. The kids use little bits of nature that they collected and turned in throughout the year to make the gardens, and the kids seem to really love it. Mrs. Shaffer teaches about nature and gardening and the kids get to take home herbs and recipes to try with their family. The last day combines all the magic of fairy week into one party that everyone enjoys. With impressive fairy-themed cakes and fairy movies playing on the projector, the magic hangs in the air. As I look back on my own grade schooling, I wish I was exposed to more things like this than I was. To encourage this kind of thing is what I love to see, that things like fairies and magic aren’t just restricted to one gender, that boys and girls can enjoy the same things. By strongly enforcing equality subconsciously like this, boys subconsciously respect things that are considered “girly”, and so learn to respect girls. To bring down unnecessary gender restrictions and barriers teaches our young children that one’s gender or stereotypes aren’t better than another and that everybody is equal and together in the Lord.