Operation Christmas Child Comes Back to Town

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By: Abbie Wayne   Nov. 8, 2019  

Image from https://metrovoicenews.com/high-hopes-operation-christmas-child-year/

This week the Upper School band folded 200 boxes for Operation Christmas Child! Every year Covenant School students bring in boxes filled with goodies for children all over the world to enjoy. Not only are these children receiving their very own gifts but they also receive the greatest gift of all. Operation Christmas Child give the children the story of Jesus Christ for them to read and potentially accept Christ into their life.

Annalise, a Covenant Senior, says, “Operation Christmas Child is a great way for children all over the world to learn about Jesus Christ.”  

If your child has brought home a box from school that looks like the one in the image above, please have your child fill up the box with goodies. This is a great chance to teach your young ones about the joys of giving; especially since it is near the Christmas season. 

“Operation Christmas Child is a great way to take away from yourself and give during this special season.” said Mrs. Yeager, Covenant School’s sixth grade teacher. 

If you need to know what to pack for Operation Christmas Child please go to their website and click on “how to pack a shoebox.”