Annual Fund to create a beautiful learning environment

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Ella Bumgardner

Covenant School’s Annual Fund seeks to create a new environment for students to learn and essentially “vibe check” the classroom.

According to Covenant, the Annual Fund exists, “in order to advance the mission of our school.” The school Annual Fund document goes on to say that they are, “investing our Annual Fund in high-quality and durable furniture for each classroom. This includes new teacher desks, bookshelves, lecterns, chairs and harness tables.”

The renovations have already begun in Dr. Wylie’s classroom last week. The whole feel of the classroom has changed dramatically. The room went from a boring feel of old desks, to a more exciting place to learn with a new Harkness table.

“The new classroom has already elevated the dynamics of the classroom. Students seem to be more engaged and ready to participate,”said Dr. Jonathon Wylie, Covenant School’s Humanities teacher.

The goal of the Annual Fund is to renovate every classroom one at a time and to change the atmosphere to match the education. The hope is that by making every classroom beautiful, it will enhance the learning experience.

“Classical education is a beautiful thing and needs to be done in a beautiful place,” said Rebekah Shaffer, Lower School Principal.