Coffee all different ways

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Ella Bumgardner

When you are a teacher, life can become tiring. Drinking coffee can help give the boost of energy a teacher most likely needs.

Most teachers in the Upper School drink coffee daily, but in many different forms. They all have their different opinions of what they think is most convenient and simply tastes better.

Every teacher has their own unique way of making their coffee at school. They need the caffeine to get through long days of teaching.

The main theme throughout all the different teachers opinions is convenience. When you’re trying to make a cup of coffee between teaching classes, it needs to be quick, and usually just one serving.

Travis Huffman, Upper School Science teacher uses a French press to make his coffee at school and at home.

“I prefer to use a French press since it makes one cup at a time, and I believe it has a smoother taste compared to a traditional cup of coffee,” Huffman said.

Franklin Norton, Upper School Latin and Journalism teacher prefers to drink pour over coffee.

“Pour over is a quick, simple way to make coffee that is as strong as I would like it to be, along with the amazing aroma from the mixing of the coffee beans and hot water,” Norton said.

Larry Bryant, Upper School History teacher is more of simple man when it comes to his coffee. At home, he prefers drinking a traditional cup of coffee, but at school uses a Keurig to make a quick cup of coffee for just himself.

Regardless, of all the different ways they all make their coffee, they just need the energy to get them through the day.